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Re: [Pulp-list] meta-packages

On 09/21/2012 03:42 AM, Stephen Benjamin wrote:
On Thu, 2012-09-20 at 15:26 -0500, Jeff Ortel wrote:

As you know, pulp v2 is packaged into quite a few packages (RPMSs).  In
an effort to make this more manageable for users, we decided to provide
meta-packages that would bundle the platform packages + RPM support
packages.  We weren't 100% convinced this was the way to go but decided
to try it anyway.  After living with if for a bit, the bad taste in my
mouth just hasn't gone away and, in fact, has gotten worse with the
introduction of puppet support.  Nothing against the puppet support :)
If we continue using the meta-packages, users would do wonky things when
installing a pulp server with both RPM and puppet support.


# yum install pulp-rpm-server pulp-puppet-server

This /seems/ like they're install two separate servers.

Unless there is objection, I plan to get rid of the meta-packages under
products/.  What does this mean for users?  It means that when
installing pulp, users will install the platform packages + the support
packages they need.  Here is what this will look like:


# yum install pulp-server

... and for RPM support:

# yum install pulp-rpm-plugins

For pulp-admin:

# yum install pulp-admin-client

... and for RPM support:

# yum install pulp-rpm-admin-extensions

In both cases, yum depsolving does most of the work.

Here is the shortest version of how a user would install a pulp server +
RPM support & the admin client:

# yum install pulp-rpm-plugins pulp-rpm-admin-extensions

Again, yum depsolving does most of the work.


# yum install

... and for RPM support:

# yum install pulp-rpm-consumer-extensions

For the agent:

# yum install pulp-agent

.. and for RPM support:

# yum install pulp-rpm-handlers

Here is the short version:

# yum install pulp-rpm-consumer-extensions pulp-rpm-handlers

Users can also get creative with yum wildcards.

Still considering package groups in addition to this ....

Thoughts, Objections?

My first impression as an end-user of pulp is this is overly
complicated, why does it have to be so compartmentalized?  I don't know
why you should have to jump through hoops (albeit, small ones) to
install support for RPM repositories.  I think that "yum install
pulp-server" should give you a working pulp server with a set of core
functionality, and pulp-consumer should do the same.

For any automation cases, like in a kickstart or in puppet/chef/cfengine
it's much simpler to specify one package:


than it would be to have this:


Just my $0.02.

Thank you for your comments :)

I completely understand where you're coming from here and we've been wrestling with the same thing. Pulp+RPM is our bread-n-butter so we want to make that easy. What makes this more complicated is that pulp as a platform supports (or will support) much more than just RPMs. This support may extend beyond things in the Red Hat/Fedora world. We need to account for how this works when support includes things like: Debian packages, Solaris packages or even Windows (gargle, gargle, spit). Not sure that users wanting just Pulp + RPM want all the other afore mentioned support and their dependencies installed. Or, ... perhaps they wont care.

- Steve


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