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[Pulp-list] unable to use pulp centos repos for vm installation

Hi All,

I have been using pulp for the last couple weeks and one the things I am trying to do is, to keep one centos 6 repository syncd daily from an upstream mirror (centos6_x86-64_latest) and periodically create copies of this repo (centos6_x86-64_20130409).

I can do that without any major issues and I can use the copied repository on any existing system.

I am now trying to use the the copied repository or even the original synced repository as the install tree using cobbler, but I'm having some issues.

Anaconda dies with this mesage: "SyntaxError: not well-formed (invalid token): line1, column 0" message whenever it reads the group.xml.gz file in the repodata directory

If I create a new repo and copy only the distribution and rpms, anaconda fails obviously because it cannot find the group information.

However, if I use the same upstream centos mirror directly, I can build the vms without any problems...

One difference I noticed is that group.xml.gz doesn't exist in the upstream mirrors, instead they have comps.xml.gz, which I believe is the same content.

Has anyone seen this happening before?


- Bruno

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