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Re: [Pulp-list] WSGI processes / threads optimal?

The WSGI app that comes with Pulp serves the REST API only, and it is important that it run in only one process. It may be appropriate to use more than 8 threads, so feel free to tune that. The REST API is generally expected to be pretty low-traffic, mostly just handling requests from the "pulp-admin" command line tool.

There is one other WSGI app, and it is not limited to one process. It is in Puppet plugins and provides a PuppetForge-like API for dependency resolution.

Otherwise, static content is served directly by Apache. RPM content served over HTTPS uses a WSGIAccessScript to provide optional authorization, but that script runs with the global config options, so you cannot tune it directly.


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Hi All,

The apache pulp.conf for pulp 2.1 has WSGI configured to use 1 process
and 8 threads. Are these the optimal settings for pulp no matter the
hardware? I'm assuming not and that I'm free to tune these. Can
someone confirm whether tuning these would introduc issues?


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