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[Pulp-list] using the : pulp-admin rpm consumer group package install --name=k3b --consumer-group-id=mygroup

Hi all , Hi Randy.
I am bothering you all because i would like to run the following scenario. 
- Create a set of repositories (os, updates, aplication, ...)
- refresh then daily

- create from 2 to 50 consumers
- group these consumers in several major groups (Production, development, integration)
  Note some consumers should be in several groups if possible
- Bind a collection of repositories to these groups
- install/update/remove  individual packages to the group
- upgade the os level to the group

At this point the group usage does not work as i undestand.  So i have somme questions.
- when binding a repo to a group, should the consumer have the /yum/repo.d/pulp.repo changed

- in several places the in the pulp-admin command tree i notice that some time we cannot retrieve the information we register thru the command
For example: the feed data when creating a repo is not retrievable, less editable, the binded repository in a group is not visible too. 
In a real production environment it is crucial to know what you are doing and the present state of things.  Commands are not always executed by the same people and time could pass between several executed commands and people forget.

- A nice to have will be to have a set of command testing the infrastructure linking the pulp server and the consumers.

Thanks all of you for you patience, and beer and pizza for the ones that will stop by Paris (France not Texas)


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