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Re: [Pulp-list] using the : pulp-admin rpm consumer group package install --name=k3b --consumer-group-id=mygroup

On Wed, 2013-04-17 at 09:01 -0700, Henri Jubin wrote:
> Hi all , Hi Randy.


> I am bothering you all because i would like to run the following
> scenario.  
> - Create a set of repositories (os, updates, aplication, ...)
> - refresh then daily
> - create from 2 to 50 consumers
> - group these consumers in several major groups (Production,
> development, integration)
>   Note some consumers should be in several groups if possible
> - Bind a collection of repositories to these groups

As I wrote in my other e-mail to you just now, I believe this feature is
currently broken.

> - install/update/remove  individual packages to the group
> - upgade the os level to the group
> At this point the group usage does not work as i undestand.  So i have
> somme questions.
> - when binding a repo to a group, should the consumer have
> the /yum/repo.d/pulp.repo changed

I believe so, but it won't work until we can fix that. In the meantime,
you should be able to bind individual consumers to repositories as a
workaround. Unfortunately, we don't have the groups working to help you
with that, so this may be the only way to accomplish your purposes until
we can get that bug fixed.

> - in several places the in the pulp-admin command tree i notice that
> some time we cannot retrieve the information we register thru the
> command
> For example: the feed data when creating a repo is not retrievable,
> less editable, the binded repository in a group is not visible too.

I believe the feed_url should be retrievable from a repo using the CLI.
Can you give some example CLI output that doesn't meet your

> - A nice to have will be to have a set of command testing the
> infrastructure linking the pulp server and the consumers.

Ah, perhaps a messaging system ping/pong sort of feature? Interesting,
that does sound useful.

> Thanks all of you for you patience, and beer and pizza for the ones
> that will stop by Paris (France not Texas)

I might take you up on this!

Randy Barlow

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