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Re: [Pulp-list] Unable to generate metadata for Oracle Linux 6 repo

Hi Bryce,

I haven't tried to sync the OL6 repos yet due to the massive number of packages.  (I'm not sure why Oracle isn't limiting the "latest" channel to just that... but that's a question for them.)  You might try updating your repo config to use --only-newest, --remove-old, and --retain-old-count in order to limit the number of packages to a more reasonable number.

While not the same as your metadata issue, consider adding +1 to my bug report to allow filters on repo sync if it applies to you - you would save at least some space if you could avoid syncing those 4900+ source RPMs from Oracle:



On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 4:30 PM, Pier, Bryce <Bryce Pier capella edu> wrote:
Hi all,
I’ve run into an issue with my repo for Oracle Linux 6, which is a feed from the public yum repo. The rpms sync fine and the publish runs to completion but fails on the “generating metadata” step. Before I submit a bug report I thought I’d ask if anyone else has successfully published a repo from this feed. I suspect the problem is the size of the repo as at 24,000 packages it is nearly double the size of even the epel6 repo. The pulp.log is not any help as it doesn’t contain any message indicating any failure in the publish task, even with debugging_mode set to true in server.conf. This is on pulp-2.2.1.

Publish task output:
               Publishing Repository [ol6_x86_64_latest]

This command may be exited by pressing ctrl+c without affecting the actual
operation on the server.

Publishing packages...
[==================================================] 100%
Packages: 24251/24251 items
... completed

Publishing distributions...
[==================================================] 100%
Distributions: 0/0 items
... completed

Generating metadata
... failed

Publishing repository over HTTP
… completed

2013-12-03 15:01:38,999 pulp.server.dispatch.task:INFO: SUCCESS: Task a4edb011-52ac-4490-8565-bfb600a7e3bb: CallRequest: RepoPublishManager.publish(u'ol6_x86_64_latest', 'yum_distributor', publish_config_override=None)
2013-12-03 15:21:50,156 pulp.plugins.pulp_rpm.yum_plugin.updateinfo:INFO: updateinfo.xml generated and written to file /var/lib/pulp/working/repos/ol6_x86_64_latest/distributors/yum_distributor/updateinfo.xml
2013-12-03 15:21:51,177 pulp.plugins.pulp_rpm.yum_plugin.metadata:INFO: existing metadata found; taking backup.
2013-12-03 15:21:51,298 pulp.plugins.yum_distributor.distributor:INFO: HTTP Publishing repo <ol6_x86_64_latest> to </var/lib/pulp/published/http/repos/OracleLinux/OL6/latest/x86_64>
2013-12-03 15:21:51,301 pulp.plugins.yum_distributor.distributor:INFO: Publish complete:  summary = <{'num_package_units_errors': 0, 'num_package_categories_published': 14, 'http_publish_dir': u'/var/lib/pulp/published/http/repos/OracleLinux/OL6/latest/x86_64', 'skip_metadata_update': False, 'num_distribution_units_published': 0, 'num_package_groups_published': 207, 'num_package_units_attempted': 24251, 'num_package_units_published': 24251, 'num_distribution_units_attempted': 0, 'num_distribution_units_errors': 0, 'relative_path': u'OracleLinux/OL6/latest/x86_64'}>, details = <{'errors': [], 'time_metadata_sec': 0.13444399833679199}>
2013-12-03 15:21:51,602 pulp.server.dispatch.task:INFO: SUCCESS: Task 45bddbee-08d2-49c6-8611-217daa41c8d5: CallRequest: RepoPublishManager.publish(u'ol6_x86_64_latest', 'yum_distributor', publish_config_override=None)

Bryce T Pier
Capella University

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