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Re: [Pulp-list] RHEL 5 & 6 pulp repos, where can I find *comps-rhel6-Server.xml files?

Hi Christina:

    Thanks for looking at this.  I looked at my directory:

$ pwd
$ ls
(i.e., it was empty)

I even tried

$ ls /var/lib/pulp/working/repos/*/importers/yum_importer

and the associated directories were all empty

Any idea on how to get them populated?



On 12/03/2013 04:03 PM, Christina Plummer wrote:
Hi Paul,

Your syncs should already include them. I have a RHEL5 and a RHEL6 repo setup in Pulp to sync from Red Hat CDN. Here's where I found the *comps*.xml files.

For RHEL5, they were in 2 places on my Pulp server:
/var/lib/pulp/working/repos/<my-rhel5-repo>/importers/yum_importer/<my-rhel5-repo>/Server/repodata/ (which actually just contains links to /var/lib/pulp/content/distribution/...)

For RHEL6, they were only in 1 place on my Pulp server:

Not sure why it's different - maybe something upstream?
As far as Pulp goes, I'm not totally clear on the whole "distribution" thing. It looks I got a RHEL 5.9 distribution created when I created my repo, but my latest sync did not create a RHEL 5.10 distribution. I noticed the version of the comps-rhel-x86_64-server-5.xml file under "repodata" contained 3 lines that were not present in the RHEL 5.9 distribution version under "Server/repodata":

$ diff /var/lib/pulp/working/repos/live-rhel-5-x86_64-os/importers/yum_importer/live-rhel-5-x86_64-os/Server/repodata/8700492668c730742984ec61666e4f3499c07713-comps-rhel5-server-core.xml /var/lib/pulp/working/repos/live-rhel-5-x86_64-os/importers/yum_importer/live-rhel-5-x86_64-os/repodata/c4e4a37f4f4a2c78e2cf2fd1b8e2feb79e46bdc0-comps-rhel-x86_64-server-5.xml
>       <packagereq type='default'>redhat-support-tool</packagereq>
>       <packagereq type='optional'>mysql51</packagereq>
>       <packagereq type='optional'>mysql55</packagereq>


On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 9:34 AM, Paul Jochum <paul jochum alcatel-lucent com <mailto:paul jochum alcatel-lucent com>> wrote:

    Hi All:

        I have a working pulp 2.2.0 setup, and it is synced with a
    number of different RHEL 5 and 6 repos from RedHat (Server, debug,
    eus, etc.).  Under RHEL5, I can find the *comps-rhel5-server*.xml
    files.  This file has the definitions for the different software
    groupings that kickstart/anaconda uses (i.e. base, workstation).

        So, my question is, where I can find this for RHEL6 (or,
    what/how do I change my Sync's to include them).

    Thanks in advance,


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