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[Pulp-list] Questions about "distributions" and "yum repo metadata files"

Hello all,

I am using Pulp 2.1.3.  I've created a few feeds synced from vendor repos (Oracle and Red Hat), and then have been creating clones (copies) of those repos to use as a stable "patch set" for each release by copying each of the content types.  I've noticed that the repos synced from Red Hat display content types of "Distribution" and "Yum Repo Metadata File", while the ones from Oracle do not.  Also, I've noticed that the RHEL5 repo actually contains a Distribution, while the RHEL6 repo shows the content type but with a count of 0:

Id:                  live-rhel-6-x86_64-os
Display Name:        live-rhel-6-x86_64-os
Description:         None
Content Unit Counts:
  Distribution:           0
  Erratum:                2228
  Package Category:       10
  Package Group:          201
  Rpm:                    3788
  Yum Repo Metadata File: 1

I found these files:
/var/lib/pulp/content/distribution/ks-Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server-5.9-x86_64/treeinfo
/var/lib/pulp/content/distribution/ks-Red Hat Enterprise Linux-Server-6.4-x86_64/treeinfo

I found this documentation from Pulp v1 discussing Distributions:

But I couldn't find any reference to Distributions or Yum Repo Metadata Files in the Pulp v2 documentation at all.

Is there a good explanation of these somewhere?  Do I need the distribution in order to kickstart?  If I wanted to create one in each of my cloned repos for the distros that were missing from the vendor feeds, how would I do that? 

Also, what is the yum repo metadata file? 

Thanks for any assistance in understanding.


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