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Re: [Pulp-list] pulp backend thoughts -- perl modules?

On 02/06/2013 05:07 PM, Steven Roberts wrote:
So I've been thinking about pulp backend ideas.

perl modules came to mind after thinking about the puppet-modules and
some conversations on the IRC channel about ruby gems or python

Not sure if python or ruby have arch specific binary packages like
perl does.

So thought about how the consumer client would do things.  typically
like with the rpm type it would provide yum repos for use.  for
perl, the CPAN client installer expects to install from source
and then build locally.

but that defeats what I am seeing would be the big win of having
the modules in a pulp repo and that is having the consumer just
install the content and not have to build it.

FWIW, the Python community is currently working on a cross-platform binary format precisely due to this problem. With the hassles of compiling anything on Windows, the arcane pieces of software scientists like to rely on, and people using Python's packaging system rather than the OS one in order to have a platform neutral deployment solution, "end user always builds from source" just isn't cutting it any more.

Details of the proposal are at http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0427/

Once that is in place, a Python implementation would look a lot more like the RPM solution, with sdists and wheels in place of source and binary RPMs.


Nick Coghlan
Red Hat Infrastructure Engineering & Development, Brisbane

Python Applications Team Lead
Beaker Development Lead (http://beaker-project.org/)
PulpDist Development Lead (http://pulpdist.readthedocs.org)

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