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Re: [Pulp-list] pulp-admin repo copy --recursive and multiple source repo's?

On 02/06/2013 02:40 AM, Steven Roberts wrote:
I've started exploring the repo operations past doing syncing and copy
is one I've been working with.

I found the --recursive option and was not seeing a way to have it
work wiht multiple source repo's.

for example If I copy the puppelabs puppet rpm it will need deps from
both the rhel6 and rhel6-optional repo's...

Is there a way to do this or would I have to build something on top
of pulp to do the dep checking and the like?

Currently, our dependency solving only works within a single repository. I don't have anything on my radar outside of this requesting that, but I also wouldn't be surprised if that comes down as a Katello requirement at some point in the future.

We're in the process of revisiting quite a bit of how the yum importer functions, with one area in the next few months being dependency resolution. I'll make sure we keep this in mind.


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