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Re: [Pulp-list] pulp HA

On 02/06/2013 02:35 AM, Steven Roberts wrote:
As I am looking more at pulp, one of the thoughts that has crossed my
mind is HA capabilities for deploying pulp.

Specifically to the two datacenters we have.

I'm thinking active-standy wouldn't be too bad to do now.  use the
Mongo replication features I have heard about and do an rsync of
the /var/lib/pulp dirs.

For more of an active-active not sure if there are any roadmap plans
for this.

Can you give some more information on what you mean by active-active here? Are you talking about two different Pulp servers serving the same repo at the same URL (not sure if that falls more under the idea of load balancing than HA, but at that point, we're just talking semantics)?

I'm thinking the CDN planned support would let servers in a
datacenter get content itself from the CDN, but would be back
to the active-standby for pulp management itself.

Are there plans/thoughts on HA?


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