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[Pulp-list] rpm checksums in PULP v1

Hello list,

i've got a litte proble with PULP v1 regarding checksums of rpm packages.

Currently i migrate a bunch of mrepo generated repositories with ten of thousands packages to PULP
v1. In order to keep the migration time short i tought importing the rpm into PULP v1 and syncing
the repositories with the remote feed would be a good idea which in fact is it not.

i created a repo A with remote feed, preserve_metadata and checksum_type=sha. the remote feed uses
sha but for some reason pulp detects sha256, so i had to change it afterwars to sha.

then i imported the packages which worked very well and reasonable fast. but to my surprise the
subsequent sync downloaded all the packages again because it couldn'n find the previously imported
packages due to different checksums.

the import created directories with sha256 checksums, the sync with sha resulting in two stored
packages where it should only be one:


i haven't figured out, why the import uses sha256 and not the checksum_type of the repo it is
importing into. any pointers will be appreciated.


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