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[Pulp-list] what removes my sync schedules?

Hello list,

i don't know, is it worth to use PULP V1?

After fixing a bug with non-working errata type filters (did someone actually tested 'errata list
--consumerid=<CONSUMERID> --type=<TYPE>'?) i have another serious problem and no idea what's wrong.
this is the second showstopping issue for me, the first one is "error: operation failed:
PulpException: Timeout occurred attempting to initialize CDS" explained in posting from Feb 18 and
still unresolved.

OK, here's the setup:

pulp 1.1.15 on RHEL6.3 x86_64, no CDS. i configured a bunch of sync schedules like this one:

pulp-admin repo sync --interval=P1D --threads=1 --start=2013-02-23T00:30:00 --id=rhel5Client-i386

and checked the scheduled tasks with 'pulp-admin task list', everything looked fine.
next day: no sync job ran, no messages about it in the logfiles and all sync jobs are gone,
'pulp-admin task list' is completely empty.

what's going on? i'm completely in the dark, no log messages, nothing. does anyone have an idea what
might be the reason for this erratic behaviour?


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