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Re: [Pulp-list] pulp v1 vs pulp v2 rpm repo sync times

yes... I am keying off of

"In v1, Pulp was acting largely as a web interface to a yum repo on
disk. In v2, the paradigm has significantly changed."

It doesn't affect how a consumer using yum consumes a published repository. A published repo is still yum metadata, generated and stored on disk, and symlinks to RPMs hosted by apache.

But it also means we're not updating the metadata on disk every time a change is made, which is one reason why uploading an RPM into a cloned repo was rough in v1. The simplest way to sum it up is that instead of the yum repo on disk being the authoritative source of what's in the repo, with the database being inconsistently updated with a subset of the information, the Pulp database is the source.

-- bk

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