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Re: [Pulp-list] pulp-puppet theory of operation/use

On 01/11/2013 04:50 PM, Steven Roberts wrote:
So, I've started my pulp-rpm rollout, and I've been thinking about
the pulp-puppet support.

I want to make sure I understand how it is expected to be used correctly :)

I would pull in modules (from puppet forge or local) into my pulp server.

I could then push those modules out to my puppet masters to make sure
my puppet masters all have the modules (and version of thsoe modules)
they are supposed to have.

The versions part is important to realize. You can set up Pulp to automatically keep the puppet masters up to date (big asterisk there I'll explain later) or you can use it as the staging location to promote tested modules up into production repos and then out to puppet masters.

Does that sounds about right?

Guess it really only would be a win if you have more than a couple of
puppet masters.  And actually for my $dayjob puppet deployment that
would be the case most likely.

I think the promotions concept is a big feature here. The ability to organize your modules into repos, as compared to a big single location like puppet forge, I suspect people will really get into once they play with it. And like Lukas said, Pulp has a strong query mechanism for auditing purposes.

Big Asterisk: The puppet master support is coming in 2.1. :)


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