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[Pulp-list] Client (V2) does not create admin.conf


I have found that client does not prepare a default admin.conf file in
the ~/.pulp directory.

Because when I tried to connect to localhost (default behaviour), my SSL
CERT hostname did not match it and the client was refusing to work:

# pulp-admin login --username admin --password admin
The server hostname configured on the client did not match the name
found in the
server's SSL certificate. The client attempted to connect to
[localhost.localdomain] but the server returned [aa.lan] as its
hostname. The
expected hostname can be changed in the client configuration file.

I was looking around where to set it, had to dig in the git :-)

Would be good if client would drop a default file there or something.
Also I'd appreciate possibility to set this up from the CLI.

Anyway, leaving this a as a note for googlers.

TL;DR: Search for admin.conf and drop it to your ~/.pulp dir.

 Lukas "lzap" Zapletal
 #katello #systemengine

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