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[Pulp-list] Pulp and Satellite

Hi all,

my educational institution currently has a satellite server for our
linux fleet - however we only use it in a minimal fashion at the moment:
* kickstart
* registration
* host updating (by individual runs of yum update)

We are looking at using pulp to manage staged repos (raw -> dev -> qat
-> prod) - and for mirroring 3rd party repos to make them available on
our network (will also be staged).

I gather we can mirror RHEL, but am wondering how.  The steps I've seen
describe a system that is directly registered to RHN, but our machines
are registered to satellite.

I was thinking we would need to set the feed from our satellite machine,
but I can't see how to do that with pulp-admin.  Maybe I can't (and
shouldn't) and should register the pulp server with RHN, then use a feed
from RHN?

So with pulp, at the first step we should then be able to use the pulp
server for the kickstart url and for managing the repos that hosts
update from (replacing 2 of the items listed above), while the machines
will still register with Satellite.  Does that sound right/sane?

Lastly nothing to do with satellite, but how do I get more details about
a pulp rpm repo that has been previously created?
pulp-admin rpm repo list
will show a couple of basic items about the repos, but how can I find
out its current published location or whether it deletes old rpms or
what its feed is?



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