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Re: [Pulp-list] use case: "last modified"

The attributes of an actual unit don't change while the unit is in pulp. For example, an RPM might go through multiple iterations of being associated with repositories and unassociated, but its own attributes will not change. Pulp separates the actual unit from its associations to repositories.

For a specific repository, you can use the following command to match units that were added within a time frame:

$ pulp-admin rpm repo content rpm --help

We do not expose an API that allows you to search associations for multiple repositories at once. You can only do so for one repository at a time.


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I have a use case and I'm wondering how to address it in pulp.  I would
like to get the "last modified" timestamp on a content unit, where "last
modified" is defined as either 
 a) the most recent time the content's attributes were modified
 b) the most recent time the content was associated or removed from a

Additionally, I would like to be able to perform queries across repos on
this data.  For example: "what are all of the RPMs that have been
modified since July 1, 2013?"

Is this something that can be accomplished today?

-- Dennis

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