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[Pulp-list] While cloning from parent repo - how to verify and ensure the new repo contents are exact copy of parent repo

Creating the snapshot from parent repository

Parent Repo Name - rhel7-parent

I have created rhel7-parent and synced with rhn redhat through sync commands.

Snapshot Name - rhel7-snapshot

Create Empty repo First without any parent feed

# pulp-admin rpm repo create --repo-id=rhel7-snapshot

Copy all content(or) clone from master to clone (No parent Feed / Snapshot )

# pulp-admin rpm repo copy rpm --from-repo-id=rhel7-parent --to-repo-id=rhel7-snapshot

The above command will create snapshot (at that point of time) from rhel7-parent repository without any feed association.So the following sync command wont work.

# pulp-admin rpm repo sync run --repo-id 1Q2015-dev-rhel6

Now my question is how can we be sure when we create the clone, ALL files were copied ? When I created the repos with feed I had to sync several times before it ends successfully, I believe it is a bug, but at least we can verify that the new repo is an exact copy of the parent repo.

Also while creating the snapshot (without feed option),how can we ensure all the rpm's were copied in the new snapshot repo ?

Any thoughts ?


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