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[Pulp-list] Pulp 2.8.2 has been released!

Pulp 2.8.2 has been published to the stable repositories:



Pulp 2.8.2 addresses a security vulnerability that was found after the
announcement of the 2.8.1 release candidate. More information about this
vulnerability, including upgrade instructions, can be found at 
the following address:


Satellite users are unaffected by this vulnerability:


(It's currently in the reserved state, but should be opened up shortly.)

From the access.redhat.com CVE page:

"This issue did not affect the versions of pulp as shipped with Red Hat
Satellite 6.x and Red Hat Update Infrastructure 2.x as they did not include
support for pulp-gen-ca-certificate."


This was discovered after the 2.8.1 release candidate was published, so
the fastest way for us to get this out the door was a rapid-fire hotfix
release. This is a unique situation; two releases of the same pulp minor
version in two days is exceptional and should not become the norm.

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