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[Pulp-list] Notes from adding a small PR for docs

A couple of notes from me wanting to add a quick doco pr. Note, I have pointy hair and as of late my cotributions have been to foreman. So, take this with a grain of sand.

I knew I wanted to submit a patch. I knew pulp used git a Jira. I assumed I needed to open an issue:

1) went to http://www.pulpproject.org/
2) Did not see anything which said "How to contribute"
3) I guessed and clicked on Developer Setup.
4) I see "How To Contribute" and think I am on the right track.
5) Docs is not a way to contribute. Booo. I assume you will take my awesome idea anyways. 6) I see the link to redmine, click on it. It takes me to new issue for pulp. I assume I want this on pulp_rpm. 7) I click on projects, and I look for pulp_rpm. I assume the project name == git hub component name. I realize it is stupid.. but it took me a few to find RPM Support. 8) I opened a new ticket, I want to categorize it, but that list does not seem to be accurate.
9) Create the issue. Woot!
10) Back to the page on (4) I looked at the Contribution Checklist. I did not see anything about Commit Messages. I assumed that was wrong, adn searched around for it. Found it down in Branching model. 11) Got an email asking an admin to check it. I looked at the issue, did not see the PR attached to the issue.

More to come.

-- bk

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