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[Pulp-list] Pulp 2.14.1 Beta 1 Now Available!

Pulp 2.14.1 Beta 1 is now Available in the beta repositories:


This release includes a small number bug fixes for the Pulp Platform, the RPM plugin, the Puppet plugin, and the nectar library.

The current status of this release can be tracked in the Redmine Wiki:


The Pulp 2.14 beta repository is included in the pulp repo files:

https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/pulp/pulp/fedora-pulp.repo for fedora 24 & 25
https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/pulp/pulp/rhel-pulp.repo for RHEL 7

After enabling the pulp-2.14-beta repository, you'll want to follow the standard upgrade path with migrations:

$ sudo systemctl stop httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager
pulp_celerybeat pulp_streamer goferd
$ sudo yum upgrade
$ sudo -u apache pulp-manage-db
$ sudo systemctl start httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager
pulp_celerybeat pulp_streamer goferd

The pulp_streamer and goferd services should be omitted if those services are not installed.

Issues Addressed

        2961	Pulp 2.14 broken on Fedora 26
	2734	task group never quite finishes if pulp is restarted in the middle of task run
	2954	Ensure that queued tasks are not lost by enabling task_reject_on_worker_lost for Celery 4
	2959	Task results can be lost due to race condition
	2758	Documentation on Pulp's storage logic
	3018	mongo 3.4 warning over the use of aggregates

RPM Support
	3004	recursive errata copy does not copy rpms

Docker Support	
	2956	As a user, I can sync from registries that use basic auth

View this list in Redmine:

Fedora 26 Support
While some work to resolve Fedora 26 issues did land on 2.14.1, we still have some outstanding work left to finish up.

We are looking at resolving these, and will hopefully be able to provide Fedora 26 builds with the 2.14.2 release.

el6 Support Reminder

As mentioned in the release notes, Pulp no longer supports el6 starting with 2.12.0.

Pulp users running on RHEL or CentOS 6 are recommended to upgrade their Pulp server to the current major version of that OS, RHEL or CentOS 7.

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