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[Pulp-list] Welcome Ina Panova as Pulp Community Co-Lead

I want to welcome Ina Panova as the Pulp Community Co-Lead. Ina has been a core developer since Oct 2014 and now is helping to grow the Pulp community in non-technical ways too [0]. I've been the community lead by myself for the past few years, so it's great Ina and I can serve the Pulp community together going forward.

FYI the Pulp community co leads are here to ensure the Pulp community is healthy and diverse. We're here to help. If you can think of something we can do to further the goal of a healthy, diverse Pulp community, please reach out! Also if you want to get more involved, but aren't sure how, ask us about that too.

You can read the full announcement with more details here [0].

[0]: https://pulpproject.org/2018/07/16/ina-panova-community-co-lead/


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