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Re: [Pulp-list] Pulp Repo Ansible Module

Thanks a bunch for the reply, Joe.  
I've actually spent a few days now with the 'pulp_repo' module and am working on creating a proper 'role' around it rather than the single playbook yaml file I have now.  
I've implemented shell tasks for the missing 30% of what I needed since I'm no API wiz, and am still working on breaking out and populating various lists of repos.  Once I have something presentable, and it's designed in a way to be completely generalized, I'll try to get it moved up to Galaxy.  
Hopefully that will generate enough interest that someone who does understand python well and Pulp's rest API, will be able to add in the missing capabilities .  

Thanks again,
 - Kodiak

On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 11:13 AM Joe Adams <adams10301 gmail com> wrote:

I'm sure it would be possible to add the ability to control sync schedules in the module. Unfortunately I changed roles a little while ago and I no longer have pulp deployed in my work environment so I haven't worked on the module in a while and I haven't kept up with the changes in the pulp project. Because I don't have pulp deployed where I work now, unfortunately I don't have any playbooks to redact and share. I wish I could be of more help, but unfortunately life circumstances don't leave a lot of spare time for me to dive into these changes. 

For a playbook: I think that my general playbook looped over all of the repos I typically used (centos base, updates, EPEL, Elastic, etc) and made sure that they all existed on the pulp server with the settings we liked. We also created several versions of each repo (dev, test, prod) that synced public -> dev -> test -> prod so that we could promote package versions between environments. We also had a playbook specifically to sync the repos from public mirrors (we didn't schedule these) that we would run when we were ready for updates. That's something that could be automated externally if you have anything that runs Ansible on a schedule (like rundeck or jenkins). 

Hopefully that at least provides some insight. If anyone does want to take on the changes to the Ansible module, I'd be happy to review them to get them merged quickly. 

- Joe Adams (Philadelphia PA)

On Fri, Jul 13, 2018 at 9:55 AM Kodiak Firesmith <kfiresmith gmail com> wrote:
Hi Joe!
This is kind of Necro, but I wanted to provide feedback now that I've begun to learn to use Ansible and am hoping to use your Ansible module for repository management.  The biggest snag I've found so far, which I think I might end up trying to work around via 'shell:' tasks, is the missing capability to create and assign a default schedule to newly defined Pulp repositories.  

One of the primary folks who provided original feedback and testing of your PR before it mainlined into the Ansible project, jtyr, has similar functionality here: https://github.com/jtyr/ansible-pulp_repos/blob/master/tasks/create.yaml#L81.

I'm hoping it might not be too heavy of a lift for someone like yourself to enhance the module by adding in the capability of adding a schedule to each newly created pulp_repo defined using the module you wrote.

Unrelated to the challenge above, I think it would be swell if yourself or anyone else might be able to paste actual (redacted) playbooks they use for repository management - I'm guessing I might not be the only one who manages a large Pulp server installation either by-hand or using something else than Ansible (we're a Puppet shop so I'm starting from square zero).

Thanks Joe, and thanks to anyone else who might reply with playbook pastes!

 - Kodiak (Pittsburgh PA)

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 12:14 PM Joe Adams <adams10301 gmail com> wrote:
I recently pushed up a PR to ansible's github to add a module for managing pulp repos. I've been working on automating my pulp setup and thought this would be a useful tool to share with the community. It has the ability to add and remove repos as well as set relative URLs and feed URLs. Hopefully this will help some others once it gets merged upstream. 

You can find the PR here: https://github.com/ansible/ansible-modules-extras/pull/1961. If anyone has any experience with ansible modules, I would be glad to hear feedback. 

- Joe Adams
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