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[Pulp-list] docker cli 1.13.1 can't parse JSON returned by pulp+crane


I'm using docker 1.13.1 on CentOS 7.5 on the server named 'front'. On another server named 'hive' I have docker API compatible registry based on pulp 2.16.3 + crane 3.2.0, running on CentOS 7.5. I created custom pulp-docker repository named 'gsk/centos7', dumped custom image from docker server with skopeo in v2s1 format (v2s2 refused to work because of incorrect redirect), uploaded and published an image. Repository has manifests, blobs and tags:

[root hive ~]# pulp-admin docker repo list
                          Docker Repositories

Id:                  docker_centos7
Display Name:        None
Description:         None
Content Unit Counts:
  Docker Blob:     5
  Docker Manifest: 1
  Docker Tag:      1

Crane correctly sees the repository and images inside it. Crane is serving on the virtual host named 'docker'. URL https://docker.gsk.loc/v2/gsk/centos7/manifests/latest redirects to https://hive.gsk.loc/pulp/docker/v2/docker_centos7/manifests/1/latest (pulp server is running under 'hive' virtual host) and produces seemingly correct and parseable JSON.

But when I try to pull that image using docker cli, I get the following error:
[root front ~]# docker pull docker.gsk.loc/gsk/centos7
Using default tag: latest
Trying to pull repository docker.gsk.loc/gsk/centos7 ...
unexpected end of JSON input

Using 'docker -D' does not increase verbosity and I can't see in any logs what exactly docker cli doesn't like.

I tried to dump https traffic with tcpdump but couldn't decrypt it in wireshark. I also tried apache's module dumpio, but for some reasons traffic to 'docker.gsk.loc' was not dumped.

Both 'docker' and 'hive' virtual hosts have correct X.509 certificates accepted by 'front' server.

Could you please advice any troubleshooting path?


Konstantin Khankin

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