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[Pulp-list] Pulpcore RC3 is Available

The pulpcore 3.0.0rc3 and pulpcore-plugin 0.1.0rc3 packages are available on PyPI [0][1]. It includes many bugfixes, important usability improvements, and a few backwards incompatible changes. We encourage users to try RC3, through an RC3 compatible plugin on a non-production system.

# Release Notes

Check out the new, improved release notes!

# Can I upgrade from earlier Release Candidates?

The migration had to be squashed again so you'll need to install RC3 on a fresh database. Upgrading from earlier Release Candidates is not supported.

# What plugins are compatible with rc3?

Due to breaking changes, most plugins probably need to release compatible versions against RC3. These new versions should be released next week. Announcements are expected to go out on pulp-list@redhat.com as the compatible plugins release.

# How do I try this?

* Use pulplift ( https://github.com/pulp/pulplift ) which creates a VM for you locally and runs the Pulp installer.
* Use the Pulp Installer ( https://github.com/pulp/ansible-pulp ) on a machine you provisioned.

# What about client bindings?

Python [2] and Ruby [3] bindings are built+published to PyPI and rubgems.org respectively. See [2][3] for details on usage.

# Where do I get help?

Ask questions via pulp-list redhat com or come into the #pulp channel on Freenode for help.

Thank you to everyone who helped make RC3, and especially the push to resolve the blockers at the end. Happy testing!

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