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Re: [Rdo-list] Issue with cinder?

On 15.05.2013 15:35, Dave Neary wrote:
Hi Dennis,

On 05/07/2013 06:15 PM, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
I'm having trouble getting cinder to work with the rdo packages.
When I run "cinder list" I get "ERROR: Malformed request url"

Did you ever get an answer to this question?

It looks similar to this issue which was reported on the forum:
http://openstack.redhat.com/forum/discussion/96 - except that one is for
new server creation. Unfortunately, the post didn't get any response.

Did you ever figure this out?

Yes, I posted the solution to the openstack mailing list where I also asked but forgot to post it here as well, sorry.

So the solution is a missing "auth_strategy = keystone" directive in the the default section of cinder.conf. With that the error went away.

After that I could create a volume but it always immediately went into the "error" state. The problem here was that the system time wasn't synchronized on the machines (ntpd was running but apparently couldn't reach the time servers). Once I fixed that I could successfully create a volume.


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