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Re: [Rdo-list] PackStack with multiple Compute Node.

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> Hello.


> I installed Packstack for Openstack allinone installation, and I'm now trying
> to add several compute nodes using different PCs.
> According to http://openstack.redhat.com/Adding_a_compute_node , the
> additional Compute Nodes seems to connect with the PC what allinone has been
> installed by PackStack via a LAN; Data Network and Management Network
> described in the OpenStack Havana 3 node (Network Node, Compute Node, and
> Controller Node) setup guide look like sharing the LAN cable.
> Conceptually, two networks need to use different port. Do the additional
> Compute Nodes use a LAN as a trunk port to distinguish between the networks?
> Or could you explain how does the multiple connection in PackStack work?

The easiest configuration (from Packstack's point of view) would be to use two
different physical networks, with one NIC connected to each. So, for example,
you could have eth0 of all nodes connected to the management network, and eth1
connected to the VM / data network.

Otherwise, you'd use two VLAN devices over your single NIC
(You'd have to configure this, Packstack doesn't do this for you).
Then place eth0.100, eth0.200 in your answer file where appropriate.

If you get any failures, you could post your answer file and I'll take a look.

> Thanks in advance!
> Byeong-Gi Kim
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