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Re: [Rdo-list] Glance Image list not working after Keystone SSL setup

Devendra Gupta wrote:

I have configured keystone to SSL and also update the endpoint in
service catalog. Keystone operations like endpoint/tenant list working
fine. I also update glance-api.conf and glance-registry.conf files
with ssl enabled keystone details but still glance is unable to find
images. It fails with following:

[root openstack-centos65 glance(keystone_admin)]# glance --insecure image-list
Request returned failure status.
Invalid OpenStack Identity credentials.

Please see attached keystone.conf, glance-api.conf and
glance-registry.conf and debug output of glance image-list and
endpoint list.

The auth_uri in glance-api.conf is wrong. It should be https://openstack-centos65:5000/v2.0

If you set cafile in that section you should be able to do this without --insecure, assuming that openstack-centos65 is the CN value in the certificate subject of the keystone server.

The admin_tenant_name is usually singular, service rather than services, but it can vary by how you installed things.


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