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Re: [Rdo-list] Glance problems...

On 04/24/2014 12:40 AM, Erich Weiler wrote:
> Hi Y'all,
> I was able to set up RDO Openstack just fine with Icehouse RC1, and then I wiped it out and am trying again with the official stable release (2014.1) and am having weird problems.  It seems there were many changes between this and RC1 unless I'm mistaken.
> The main issue I'm having now is that I can't seem to create the glance database properly, and I was able to do this before no problem.  I do:
> $ mysql -u root -p
> mysql> CREATE DATABASE glance;

I think the issue is due to a change to enforce utf-8 encoding.
Can you try again with the above line changed to:


> And it creates the 'glance' database and only one table, "migrate_version".  I can't get it to create the rest of the tables it needs.  I've tried also:
> openstack-db --init --service glance --password GLANCE_DBPASS

openstack-db has not been updated yet to enforce the new encoding.
That will be happening today at some stage.


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