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[Rdo-list] Fwd: Re: Fwd: Re: Canonical OpenStack Messaging

I received the following feedback from a user. Not sure if Daniel is on this list to answer followup questions, but I'll encourage him to join.


-------- Original Message --------

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 12:39:01 +0800
From: Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com>

  BTW I installed RDO from scratch on a CentOS 6.5 box 2 weeks ago,

The Good:
  1/ the instruction worked, no tweaking, packstack did work
     even with the horrible connection I'm having at the moment
  2/ the setup instructions are clear and simple
     however it should be made clear that the host where the
     installation is done should have a fully qualified DNS name
     as that's one of the small issue I hit, and people doing testing
     are likely to do it on machines without that set up
  3/ I got the console working just fine

The Less Good:
  Creating a CentOS test instance should be no more than an
  additional 2 steps, it wasn't

     Step 1 if CONTROL_NODE is not the IP (previous document referenced
     an iP) then one need to pass a FQDN, in my case
        http://test/dashboard  fails with
	   "Openstack dashboard Something went wrong an unexpected error
	    has occured ..."
	http://test.veillard.com/dashboard works
	http:// works
     So either make sure the FQDN is part of the requirement in step 0
     or like for the quickstart use $YOURIP that will also be coherent

     => I wonder how many get stuck at that step thinking their
        installation is broken

     Step 2 and 3 just fine

     Step 4:
       that's another issue, the default is a Fedora image, and that
       worked fine but for CentOS i had to 
         - click the image resource link
	 - then follow CentOS 6.5 images
       one end up at 
       a CentOs image, one month old, hosted on Fedora, with no checksum
       no README, etc ...
       I do think that 
       need to be updated to point to a real web page, on the CentOS project
       with a current image and followup instruction dedicated to people
       who were following the RDO instructions

      In comparison the http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/ link for 
      "Ubuntu cloud images" at least has some pointers, we can do way
      better and streamline for an RDO setup

   Step 5:
     Launch the instance instruction failed for me, just providing a
     name was not sufficient, the error was
       "At least one network must be specified."
     it got me to the Networking tab and i had to pick the private
     network from the available networks only selection, then launch

   Step 6:
     it looks like it worked and got a IP, but the instance
     still says "IP address" , and trying in step 7 to ssh
     to failed, both from the remote workstation and
     when logged as root

     Then messed up creating a local pool of IPs as suggested at
    but tuned to the local IP address, registering the network was fine
    but it never seems used when trying to associate a floating IP to
    the instance.

  => IMHO we need to fix quite a few things so that instructions work
     out of the box up to running and ssh'ing to a CentOS instance.

  Rich, are you able to sort and fix those points at least up to
  networking setup ?
  KB, do we have a page with QCow2 ready CentOS image on the centos site
that we could link to, and provide RDO tuned instructions ?


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