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[Rdo-list] VXLAN support

Hi Guys...

I would like to send a couple of questions regarding VXLAN support in RDO.

Let me summary the context:

1) The documentation regarding VXLAN is available here: http://openstack.redhat.com/Using_VXLAN_Tenant_Networks

2) The previous link says that VXLAN will be supported in RDO after solving the following bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1021778

3) The previous bug seems to be already solved in openstack-packstack-2013.2.1-0.23.dev979.el6ost.

Now the question:

I have installed openstack-packstack-2013.2.1-0.29.dev956.el6.noarch (higher than previous fixed version) so VXLAN should be natively supported. However I do not find any documentation on how to change the answers file. There are some recipes where you start by deploying a GRE configuration and that change manually some items to support VXLAN. However, if VXLAN is already supported in RDO then it should be configured directly from the answers file. Is there some documentation on that topic?


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