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Re: [Rdo-list] New to openStack

On 10/22/2014 10:26 AM, Ganesh Sangle wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am new to openstack and I am trying to install the cinder package on 
> Scientific Linux release 6.5 (Carbon)
> ran the following commands:
> yum install openstack-cinder
> I am unable to figure which version of openstack was installed. Is there
> a way to figure it out easily ?
> From the documentation, it seems that the version of openstack that was
> Folsom.
> How to I get the latest supported version ?
> Thanks for helping!
> Ganesh

That's quite an old version you have installed. Unfortunately there is
no upgrade path from the Folsom version that will allow you to keep your
existing cloud. You will have to rebuild OpenStack, create new VMs, and
migrate your data manually.

The URL that Tim Bell posted will help you get up to speed with a newer
version (based on Icehouse) that works on Scientific Linux 6.5. Once you
are there, however, it won't be possible to upgrade much further while
still using Scientific Linux 6.5. Juno will be the end of the road. The
Kilo release requires Python 2.7 and other packages that aren't
available on 6.5.

Since you would need to start with a new cloud, you might want to
consider using Scientific Linux 7, which will give you a clear upgrade
path for future versions in the coming years.

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dsneddon redhat com |  redhat.com/openstack
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