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Re: [Rdo-list] Will RDO support Juno on CentOS6?

> I'm a little bit curious about why Juno do not support EL6, is this
> because CentOS6 is using python2.6 , and Juno is the release to
> support python 2.6? And it seems like if we want to upgrade from
> Icehouse/Havana to juno in production, we need to upgrade CentOS6 to
> CentOS7 ...

Partly it is because the upstream OpenStack community is very eager to
move off of Python 2.6.  We had pressure even in Icehouse to move off of
2.6, but because CentOS7 wasn't released at that point, we had a bit of
a buffer and released Icehouse on both CentOS6 and CentOS7

But now that CentOS7 is released, it makes sense to now get off of the
old python stack so that the upstream community can focus on python 2.7
and beyond.

In addition, we have limited resources for packaging, CI and testing. If
we could get help from other community members to take on the burden of
packaging for EL6, helping to test it and maintain CI jobs for it, we
would not be opposed to that. But with the existing RDO packaging/CI
team that we have, continuing to maintain BOTH EL6 and EL7 is just too much.

And yes, if you wanted to go from RDO Icehouse on EL6 to RDO Juno, it
would involve a transition from CentOS6 to CentOS7. When we considered
what to do with RDO Icehouse, initially we thought of only doing RDO
Icehouse on CentOS7 or CentOS6 but not both.

In the end, we did Icehouse on 6 and 7 specifically to provide a release
where there was overlap. But we only ever intended (and had staffing) to
provide a single release on both platforms.

I hope that answers some of your questions. Thanks for asking!


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