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Re: [Rdo-list] PackStack Robustness across reboots

Hi, some are simple other complex e.g., rabbit-mq server fail can be solved simply by running systemctl start rabbitmq-server. Nova, neutron services are a bit harder (I am doing some testing and short listing services that fail often). Currently most common failures are :

(sometimes) horizon

Let me fetch links for fixes, as I mentioned these failures are not consistent.

On 5 August 2015 at 19:05, Haïkel <hguemar fedoraproject org> wrote:
2015-08-05 18:02 GMT+02:00 sad man <asadxflow gmail com>:
> Hi RDO folks, I need some suggestions regarding packstack + rdo robustness.
> I have integrated the option to install RDO into CentOS installer and
> "openstack-status" shows all services to be either active or inactive (which
> I think means not "failed").
> But on reboot some services randomly fail to restart e.g., horizon,
> nova-network etc. are shown as "failed" after some reboots. There are some
> "fixes" on the forums to restart these services.
> I wanted some suggestions on how I can make a "robust" openstack setup (I am
> using simplest "packstack --allinone") which doesn't fail.
> PS: Right now I am thinking of scripting these "fixes" and checking the
> openstack-status on each reboot through systemd.

Could you point me these fixes?

> --
> Cheers,
> Asad
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Asadullah Hussain

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