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[Rdo-list] Packstack and rdo-manager, looking forward.

RDO Manager does a lot more than packstack. Too much, for many use cases, which is why we have people continuing to use packstack. Where do people use packstack?

1.  Demos
2.  Development Work
3.  CI

I'm sure there are others, but lets start there. I personally need support for use cases 1 and 2. Can we get to the point where rdo-manager can support these use cases?

There are, as I can see it, two potential approaches that could make this work:

1. Treat the undercloud deployment as an all-in-one, and not deploy the overcloud. 2. Have rdo-manager assume that the undercloud is already deployed, and only deploy the overcloud.

Are there others?

I think that 2 is an interesting option? What if ... we took something like the next gen oslab and put only an rdo-manager undercloud out on it? Then...allowed multiple people to run rdo-manager --overcloud against it, perhaps each with their own slice?

I'm already deploying OpenStack on OpenStack. If most of the business logic/value add comes from the overcloud, can we split the deployment along these lines?

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