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[Rdo-list] What happens to RDO Kilo on Fedora 22 ?

To enable packstack on F22 there is a hack :-

# dnf install -y https://rdoproject.org/repos/rdo-release.rpm
# dnf  install -y openstack-packstack  
# dnf  install -y fedora-repos-rawhide
# dnf  --enablerepo=rawhide update openstack-packstack

along with disabling Neutron verification section in provision_demo.pp it allows AIO and
Two node "Controller&&Network and Compute"  RDO Kilo packstack installs on F22 VMs and bare metal boxes.
However, splitting Controller and Network Nodes, e.g.  three node packstack install appears not to be able to work
in meantime, regardless successful packstack completion.
What, actually,  happens ?  I am able to create external net and sub-net only via CLI (as admin) and change status to shared.

Attempt to launch VM results qrouter-namespace to loose qg-xxxx, qr-yyyy interfaces.
Outbound/inbound  packets forwarding gets broken as soon as VM gets started. Only when nova and neutron
services are running on the same node it doesn't happen. It's just my personal experience.
RDO Kilo Three node deployment on CentOS 7.1 works  fine.


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