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[Rdo-list] Fwd: Re: Octavia Packaging - spec review needed

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Hi all,

this email was sent to the author of the openstack-octavia package,
but now I think I should have shared it with broader community, since
it highlights some issues in our new packages process.

As you will see below, there are a lot of issues in the package that
we happily allowed in Delorean. I think those could be easily spotted
by anyone who would look into the contents of proposed repo. I suspect
we just blindly allowed it in.

This once more time highlights we need our own strict review process
in Delorean, that would spot those issues before we get official
Delorean packages built. Postponing it till Fedora review (if it's
even perceived by authors of new packages, which I'm not really sure
they do) is wrong.

And after we get our own Delorean review process, we should consider
the need of Fedora reviews too. ;)


Issues I identified in openstack-octavia package without even running it

- - amphora agent reads /etc/neutron/conf.d/octavia-api... And it
logs into octavia-api.log??? And why is octavia-dist.conf located
in /usr/share/neutron?..
- - Can we have log file to be api.log instead of octavia-api.log? It's
located under /var/log/octavia/, so there is no big reason to repeat
it again in the file name?
- - octavia-dist.conf: do we really need most of those conf values? like
verbose = True? notification_driver - does it even have reasonable
value?.. etc. etc. We should walk thru each entry there and determine
whether it's a must to have it, or whether it's a reasonable default.
- - octavia-health-manager.service:
it reads /usr/share/octavia/octavia-health-manager. I don't think it's
even created, and it's probably not needed at all;
- - in .spec file, I don't see where conf.d files are created.
- - octavia-housekeeping.service: why does it refer to health manager???
- - for all .service files, have we checked that all declarative values
we use are reasonable? NotifyAccess=all? KillMode=process?
- - there is no need to have 'Epoch: 1' there since we haven't packaged
anything with 201x.* versions for octavia before.
- - "Summary: OpenStack LBaaSv2 Service" What's the difference from
LBaaSv2 service plugin then?
- - I think Group: is now not needed.
- - what do you use "Requires: openstack-utils" for? Not sure it's needed.
- - I assume requirements are all as per in upstream...
- - I think the service for amphora agent should have octavia- in its
name (same as its package).

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