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Re: [Rdo-list] delorean ci not working (permission denied)

On 15/07/15 13:23, Matthias Runge wrote:

I just stumbled upon a missing dep in python-oslo-utils causing horizon
not to build any more.[1]

Unfortunately, jenkins fails with:

   RAN: '/usr/bin/docker run --env DELOREAN_DEV=1 -t
--name builder-fedora delorean/fedora /scripts/build_rpm_wrapper.sh
/data/repos/6c/45/6c4509587a9494a015c4b482429ae3268d33864d_dev 1000 1000'

/bin/bash: /scripts/build_rpm_wrapper.sh: Permission denied

The instance running the CI was rebooted yesterday (for reasons unknown) which flipped selinux to enforcing, I've switched it back to permissive and re-triggered your job, it now fails CI for some other probably legitimate reason.

I am pretty sure I know what needs to change so it runs with enforcing, so I'll work on a patch to get us back to working with enforcing.


Does anybody has a clue or an insight, how to fix this?


[1] https://review.gerrithub.io/#/c/239941/

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