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Re: [Rdo-list] Integration of MidoNet into RDO Manager

> That should be no problem. Does this have to be a single person or can
it be a team?

fine with me

> Our biggest headache right now (like with any Java software) in terms of the Fedora
Packaging Guidelines are tons of bundled jars - so that would be a no-go, right?

Currently, yes, but it'll change in the near future.
Starting Mitaka, we're considering to switch over CentOS dist-git as
our main source
for packaging and we'll be able to provide bundling libraries
exception for RDO packages.
I plan to discuss at Flock with bstinson and kbsingh about our plans,
and how to enable
contributors to have access to git & build system safely.

We don't have yet a reviewing process for such packages but it's
mostly a matter of timing.

Only clients and oslo libraries will be shipped in Fedora 24, Fedora
users could still use
RDO Delorean packages (which are unsigned).


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