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Re: [Rdo-list] Integration of MidoNet into RDO Manager

On 07/30/2015 07:14 AM, Perry Myers wrote:
>Well, for our packages, Fedora and EL would be fairly different. The
>MidoNet core is written in Java/Scala, so much more (tools, deps) is
>missing from EL, e.g. gradle and of course lots of artifacts. So we
>should target EPEL, I guess.
I wouldn't follow Adam's advice here (starting with Fedora). Especially
for the SDN solution which is Java based. That would lead to a lot of
pain and overhead.

Heh...I still stand by it. But, to be clear: make sure the parts that you want to ship with RDO are build able on Fedora; We want to be able to test against as far upstream as possible. I tend to develop on Fedora and then test against Centos and RHEL.

For the Java stuff....yeah, it can be a lot of work, but ultimately is worth the effort. We went through a lot of packaging pain for Dogtag, whcih is part of Barbican...Dogtag was, I think, the first Tomcat Application that got into Fedora. WIth JPackage etc, getting RPMs for the Software you have is manageable. But all that is is beyond the string need for the Neutron Plugin.

SO, it depends on how far you want to go. If you only care about getting the plugin into RDO, yeah, you don't need to package the Java code. If you want to participate in the RDO and Fedora communities, I'd recommend getting the packages done correctly, but that can be done over time.

I'd recommend looking into hosting COPR for the components you want to build. You can start with the easy ones.

The Fedora Java team has done a lot of work on getting Maven builds to be able to select only packages that are themselves part of Fedora. You might be surprised at how much packaging you don't actually have to write today. As an added benefit, you get code that will help you installing the rest of MidoNet on a RHEL system.

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