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Re: [Rdo-list] Integration of MidoNet into RDO Manager

On 07/30/2015 12:17 PM, Adam Young wrote:
> On 07/30/2015 07:14 AM, Perry Myers wrote:
>>> >Well, for our packages, Fedora and EL would be fairly different. The
>>> >MidoNet core is written in Java/Scala, so much more (tools, deps) is
>>> >missing from EL, e.g. gradle and of course lots of artifacts. So we
>>> >should target EPEL, I guess.
>> I wouldn't follow Adam's advice here (starting with Fedora). Especially
>> for the SDN solution which is Java based. That would lead to a lot of
>> pain and overhead.
> Heh...I still stand by it.  But, to be clear:  make sure the parts that
> you want to ship with RDO are build able on Fedora;  We want to be able
> to test against as far upstream as possible.  I tend to develop on
> Fedora and then test against Centos and RHEL.

agree with buildable on fedora, but don't think they need to be
buildable in fedora.

> For the Java stuff....yeah, it can be a lot of work, but ultimately is
> worth the effort.

Do I hear you volunteering for the effort here? :)

>  We went through a lot of packaging pain for Dogtag,
> whcih is part of Barbican...Dogtag was, I think, the first Tomcat
> Application that got into Fedora.  WIth JPackage etc, getting RPMs for
> the Software you have is manageable.  But all that is is beyond the
> string need for the Neutron Plugin.
> SO, it depends on how far you want to go.  If you only care about
> getting the plugin into RDO, yeah, you don't need to package the Java
> code.  If you want to participate in the RDO and Fedora communities, I'd
> recommend getting the packages done correctly, but that can be done over
> time.

You can absolutely participate in the RDO community without doing what
you're suggesting. The only issue would be participating in the Fedora

> I'd recommend looking into hosting COPR for the components you want to
> build.  You can start with the easy ones.
> The Fedora Java team has done a lot of work on getting Maven builds to
> be able to select only packages that are themselves part of Fedora.  You
> might be surprised at how much packaging you don't actually have to
> write today.  As an added benefit, you get code that will help you
> installing the rest of MidoNet on a RHEL system.

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