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Re: [Rdo-list] Fwd: dnsmasq version

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>> From: "Ajay Kalambur (akalambu)" <akalambu cisco com>
>> To: rdo-list redhat com
>> Sent: Monday, March 2, 2015 3:14:22 PM
>> Subject: [Rdo-list] dnsmasq version
>> Hi
>> We are trying to use RHEL7 Juno with packstack and we use this for
>> ipv6 testing. One of the things we noticed is that the default
>> version of dnsmasq packaged in is 2.66. This is too old for ipv6
>> DHCPv6 stateful and DHCPv6 stateless
>> Can we package in 2.68 or later so we can get ipv6 support working
>> Ajay

Hi Ajay,
We backported the fix needed to dnsmasq 2.66 and the fix would be
available in RHEL 7.1 -

We tested that with a scratch build and it seems to be doing the work.


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