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Re: [Rdo-list] Neutron-openswitch-agent configuration workaround in RDO Juno/Kilo and now in Liberty

Markelov Andrey <amarkelov yandex ru> wrote:

Hi guys,

If we will see at Juno and Kilo installation guide for CentOS at docs.openstack.org we can see documented workaround about /etc/neutron/plugin.ini (symbolic link to ml2_conf.ini) . We need to edit start script for openswitch-agent as documented.

Please report the bug against upstream docs, OVS agent should NOT read from plugin.ini or ml2_conf.ini. What it reads is merely openvswitch_agent.ini. I thought it was made clear enough once we renamed ovs_neutron_plugin.ini into openvswitch_agent.ini in Liberty, but apparently upstream docs team still assumes plugin.ini is meant to be read by the agent.

The fact that devstack still (wrongfully) configures the agent with ml2_conf.ini does not help to clarify the intended setup either:


Can you btw provide a link to Liberty docs where it’s documented?

With Liberty that workaround does not works because /usr/lib/systemd/system/neutron-openvswitch-agent.service was changed. “Any” plugin.ini now not in –config-file options for Openswitch-agent.

And it not documented in Liberty install guide.

As solution you can rename /etc/neutron.plugins/ml2_conf.ini to /etc/neutron.plugins/openswitch_agent.ini and it will work.

The proper solution is to stop configuring the agent using either ml2_conf.ini or plugin.ini, and instead put all agent configuration into openvswitch_agent.ini.

Time by time I lead OpenStack Training cources and I want to explain config files and procidures in “right way”.

My questions are
What the idea behind deleting plugin.ini from –config-file options?

Because so called core plugins (ml2, ovn, …) are neutron-server only thingies. They have nothing to do on agent side.

Is the ml2_conf.ini obsolete?

It is not obsolete. It is still used by neutron-server (thru plugin.ini symlink) in case ml2 is the core plugin for the setup.

Is the plugin.ini obsolete?

No, it’s not obsolete. It is still used by neutron-server to get access to core plugin specific configuration (f.e. [ml2] section from ml2_conf.ini).

I hope it clarifies the matter.


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