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Re: [Rdo-list] Neutron-openswitch-agent configuration workaround in RDO Juno/Kilo and now in Liberty

Markelov Andrey <amarkelov yandex ru> wrote:

Ok. Thanks!

And if we are talking about plugin.ini/ml2_conf.ini according to network node in Kilo doc -


For whom plugin.ini/ml2_conf.ini is needed? Neutron-server is started only on control node. So it seems the only who used plugin.ini/ml2_conf.ini is neutron-openvswitch-agent (but in wrong manner after "bug fixing")?


I believe it’s the same as for compute nodes. Since network nodes also run L2 agent, that’s how the docs suggested to configure the L2 agent (which was, as I wrote before, always wrong). Now that in Liberty we renamed the config file of the agent in a way that did not leave any space for misinterpretation, they fixed the docs.


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