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Re: [Rdo-list] Neutron-openswitch-agent configuration workaround in RDO Juno/Kilo and now in Liberty

Matt Kassawara <mkassawara gmail com> wrote:

Several releases ago, neutron deprecated and removed the monolithic OVS and Linux bridge plug-ins. During the deprecation cycle, the installation guide changed the neutron instructions to use ML2 instead of the monolithic OVS plug-in. However, the defunct configuration files (plugins/openvswitch/ovs_neutron_plugin.ini and plugins/linuxbridge/linuxbridge_conf.ini) lingered until the Liberty release. The combination of migrating to ML2 and referencing configuration files from the monolithic plug-ins (especially OVS with "plugin" in the file name) caused significant confusion with our audience that already struggles with neutron and installations in general. Some distributions and deployment tools moved configuration for the OVS and Linux bridge agents into the ml2_conf.ini file and changed the agent init scripts to read it. At the time, implementing this approach in the installation guide seemed like the best solution until neutron resolved the file name/location problem in Liberty.

Agreed the naming in neutron was unfortunate. I believe it stayed the way it was for a while because it was not clear on first sight how to handle it in a backwards compatible way [in the end, we just renamed and left compatibility considerations to distributions.]


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