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[Rdo-list] Possible bug? Horizon/Floating IPs

Just thought I'd throw this out there as a possible bug... I'm running RHEL 7.1 and OpenStack Kilo RDO.

It seems that when I terminate an instance through Horizon that has an associated floating IP, the floating IP is *not* disassociated upon the instance's termination. I have to manually disassociate the floating ip after I terminate the instance through Horizon via:

neutron floatingip-disassociate e28051c5-7fb1-4887-ade9-f1b062523ad7

for example. Then it frees up. Back when I was playing with the Icehouse release of RDO OpenStack, the floating IPs were released automatically when I terminated an instance through Horizon, so I was surprised when I did not see the same behaviour here.

[root os-con-01 ~]# rpm -q python-django-horizon

Just a heads up...


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