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Re: [Rdo-list] Middleman -- v4 migration

On 04/01/2016 04:24 AM, Marc Dequènes (Duck) wrote:
> Quack,
> Another question: what is the status of the admin pages?
> Currently these pages use the normal statically generated pages for
> viewing articles. And in the main layout there is some non-static
> condition about a 'contentonly' URL parameter. This is not possible
> anymore as the 'request' variable was deprecated and is now removed in MM4.
> So I've done some JS magic to hide the header and footer in this case
> (untested). Unfortunately the server mode is also affected, which means
> this interface is now totally broken now.
> I heard there were discussion about its future, so I'd like to put more
> energy into this only if useful. What about the 'create-post.rb' script btw?

I'm not sure what's being asked.

I use the /admin pages on my local running instance to author blog
posts. While it's certainly possible to write blog posts without that
interface, it does greatly simplify the process.

I have never used the create-post.rb script. I tried once, and it wasn't
at all obvious what it was supposed to do.

Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
OpenStack Community Liaison

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