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[Rdo-list] OpenStack/RDO Meetups in the coming week

The following are the meetups I'm aware of in the coming week where
OpenStack and/or RDO enthusiasts are likely to be present. If you know
of others, please let me know, and/or add them to

If there's a meetup in your area, please consider attending. If you
attend, please consider taking a few photos, and possibly even writing
up a brief summary of what was covered.


* Tuesday April 05 in Sydney, AU: April Sydney Meetup -

* Tuesday April 05 in Broomfield, CO, US: Introduction to Ceph -

* Wednesday April 06 in Raleigh, NC, US: Webinar-MySQL and Ceph:
Database-as-a-Service sneak preview -

* Wednesday April 06 in Stockholm, SE: OpenStack meetup -

* Wednesday April 06 in Richardson, TX, US: OpenStack Cloud Federation -
Charles Derrick - http://www.meetup.com/OpenStack-DFW/events/229817681/

* Wednesday April 06 in San Diego, CA, US: Austin Summit Pre-Talks &
Alleviating Networking Challenges -

* Thursday April 07 in Amersfoort, NL: OpenStack Application Catalog
2016 - http://www.meetup.com/Openstack-Netherlands/events/226986955/

* Thursday April 07 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, US: Monthly SFOUG Meeting -

* Thursday April 07 in Sydney, AU: Melbourne Meetup - NFV / SDN -

* Thursday April 07 in Raleigh, NC, US: Raleigh Building Agile Clouds
with Openstack - Hands-on Lab Night -

* Thursday April 07 in San Francisco, CA, US: SFBay OpenStack Meetup
Topic: Intro to Trove & Horizon Plugins -

* Thursday April 07 in Morgantown, WV, US: OpenStack / RDO Q&A with
Perry Myers -

* Sunday April 10 in Beijing, CN: 奔跑吧,OpenStack! ——UnitedStack与您⾯
对⾯·北京站·DevOps专场 -

Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
OpenStack Community Liaison

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