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Re: [Rdo-list] Middleman -- v4 migration


Thanks a lot for your help again.

I rebased my work on the embedded libs removal on top of middleman4 (in
branch embedded_vendor_libs_removal). Beware, history changed!

So let's make a final check once you're available so we can merge this
into prod soon (not on friday :-).

Also, to keep automation running, we need to update the Travis config.
The easiest way to do this is to have it call setup.sh first, to have a
single path of init (manual and auto) as discussed earlier.
Unfortunately I don't think Travis has a sudo access. I've got no idea
how the deps are supposed to be installed, maybe in the Travis job
config itself. Do you know? or do you know who might know?

With all this we should have a better view of what we can split. I see:
  - helpers: most are generic helpers, default_helpers_improved.rb
contains generic improvements but also WP links handling, so maybe it
should be split
  - lib: generic stuff too
  - scripts: seems very specific
  - a few top level scripts

So this is mostly helpers and lib.

I think we have no strong categories of features that we should have a
per-featuregroup repository. So I guess we could create some uniq gem,
put the maximum generic stuff into it, and require what we need into
config.rb. The rest would stay in helper/ and lib/.

What do you think?


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